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Tune in for the first Batch Drop

BIG NEWS — I’ve decided that I’m going to change how I do things a little bit here at #ficusceramica .

Instead of trying to keep all of my products fully stocked on my website, I’m going to move towards a drop or batch system. Every time I finish a big kiln load of work, I’ll announce a new drop which will contain some old and some new items. Im doing this for a couple of reasons — firstly, ceramics naturally work in batches as you want to fill up the kiln completely before you fire it (to save electricity and amp up efficiency.) Secondly, I’ve realized lately that my favorite part of the process is mold-making and new product design, and that’s something I haven’t had as much time to do lately cause I’m just trying to keep things in stock…

Don’t worry — I won’t be throwing away my old molds and there is always a chance an old favorite will come back!

However, if there’s something you’ve had your eye on buy it now!! I’m going to be releasing a new drop for July 4 — some items might no longer be available and prices might change by then.

Subscribe to my email list to be the first to find out when my new products launch!! Thank you all for all your support!! Every pipe or planter you purchase goes to fancy dog food, weed, and camper restoration, so truly a good cause.

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