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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

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Minimum order value 

$1000 after 40% wholesale discount.  

Wholesale seasonal availability
Wholesale orders are not available during the busy seasons, from October through December, and from February through May.  I am working at capacity for my own retail sales, and am unable to fill large discounted orders.  Keep this schedule in mind if you want to have my work in your store for the holidays!  Order ahead.
How to place an order

Fill out the request form below to introduce yourself and your shop.  I will send you a Google Spreadsheet to enter your order request into.  The spreadsheet allows you to see the totals in realtime, with the discount.  After you send it back to me filled out, I will finalize with an invoice and start working on your order.  Payment is through Zelle (directly though the banks), or through a check, or other fee-free method. If you've already placed an order with me before, email me to request a new spreadsheet order form.
Who is eligible for wholesale membership?

Small retailers in New Orleans and beyond.  I do not sell wholesale to individuals.  I reserve the right to decline or rescind a wholesale account for my products for any reason.  I extend this discount to retailers because retailers are taking responsibility for the marketing and sales of those individual items, and the additional exposure is worth the reduction in profit for me.  If the retailer is great at promoting my products, I will be more than happy to continue to do business!

Wholesale Pricing
A discount of 40% off of MSRP is applied to wholesale orders.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Suggested Retail Prices
Retailers may sell Ficus Ceramica work for whatever price they feel will do well in their specific situation. Different cities have different expectations of price. Suggested prices are accurate on the website store, but 100%+ markup from WSP is acceptable to me. 

Order Fulfillment
Wholesale orders are not my primary business, so are a lower priority in my scheduling.  I may take up to 3 months to fill an order.  Don't hesitate to communicate if you have a scheduling need, but I can't guarantee that I can accommodate your request.

Free local pick-up is available, but shipping costs are covered by the customer, and will be added onto your total. Shipping is through USPS unless otherwise requested.  Costs depend on the size of the order and weight of items, so are calculated after your order is received.

Included in your wholesale order:
Grey microfiber pouches with gold FC branding
Instruction card for cleaning, for each pipe
Stack of business cards
"This is a pipe!" "C'est une pipe" signs, or others by request!

Returns or damaged goods
Please check your full order carefully when it is received.  Every item is handmade, so there is always a chance of missed flaws, and breakage occasionally happens in transit.  Contact me with a photo of the unsellable item, and I will send replacement free of charge.  If an item doesn't meet your expectations but is not damaged, contact me to discuss a return.  Returns are considered on a case by case basis.


Apply for a Wholesale Account

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