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  • When will my order be ready?
    Orders are filled once or twice per week. If you chose local pick up, please wait for the "pick up ready" email with retrieval instructions. If you have a special rush on your order being filled, please contact me through the notes section of checkout, and email, to be sure your order will get there on time!
  • How do you clean the pipes?
    I recommend putting them in a ziplock with enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge, and you can throw in some rock salt for agitation. Let it sit overnight to dissolve the resin. In the morning, dump the liquid outside someplace (it's bad for your house's pipes too), and rinse out the pipe with soapy hot water. Let it dry completely, and it's good as new! Some faster cleaning hacks: try makeup remover to wipe the dirty bowl out, so that it can be "coffee table clean," for appearances. And pipe cleaners - the ones for crafting, ya know? - are surprisingly good at cleaning out pipes!! 😂
  • Are these pipes durable?
    Yes! Porcelain is a type of clay or ceramic material that is unique in its hardness and durabiltiy. It's used to heavy duty items like dinnerware, toilets, and spaceship tiles, so it can handle daily use. Isolated appendages like tails or claws can crack off if dropped, so keep your pipe in its pouch for protection from dropping. If something breaks, I recommend using a little epoxy to re-attach.
  • How are these things made?
    Everything I make is using a ceramics process called SLIPCASTING. I made multi-part plaster molds, which I can use over and over again to cast life-like replicas in porcelain. While the porcelain clay is still wet, I alter and clean up every individual piece by hand, making it into a pipe, a planter, or anything else I can imagine. I make my own recipe of liquid porcelain from bulk minerals, fire my own kiln, and every step in between is completed by my hands! For way more info on my process, check out my block or my instagram stories.
  • I have an idea for a custom pipe!
    Sick!! Shoot me a message about it! Because all my pipes are made with a mold, custom orders are an involved process. I'll ask you to send a few pictures of your source item (it needs to be a real object!), then we'll talk about how complicated the mold will be, and the total cost of the project. A simple, 2-part mold will cost between $150-$175, and the cost of the actual pipes will depend on size, complexity, and numbered ordered. This is a great idea if you want to sell your own custom pipes! Not so much if you just really want one.
  • Do you do wholesale?
    I do! Please email me at to request a wholesale catalogue.
  • Do you do group discounts? (bachelor/bachelorette/birthday/friend group)
    Yes! Get the best matching rememberances for your special event or group of friends, and get a 30% discount! Email me, and I'll send you a code to use at checkout.
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