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What an auspicious day, especially as a palindrome!! I love the ridiculousness of 420 as a “holiday;” it truly is as arbitrary and made-up as all the other holidays feel to me, but the entire point is to celebrate our most hedonistic and meaningless impulses 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️ with a wink and a nod.

The last couple years, I have opened up my studio for a little party on 420, and this year it’s on a Saturday, so we’re planning a big bash! I love the opportunity to share my amazing studio space with others, and talk about art, weed, food, and everything in between, and host an afternoon of delight!

This year, I have invited friends to show off their art: my studio neighbors, muralists Bruna & Madison will be live painting on a Big O’s Pops cart; my lovely assistant, Talia will be tattooing some incredible 420 Ficus Ceramica flash (oysters! Crab claws holding joints! Figs!); and several more will be selling their art - earrings, graphic stickers, and super fly crocheted clothes.

I’ll have some slightly-flawed seconds available for a deep discount, and all of my normal wares are on a flash sale of 20% off!!

Cani d’Amore will be cooking up some scrumptious hot dogs and corn dogs to stuff in your stoned little face, then satisfy your sweet tooth with popsicles galore from Big Os Pops. Hang out with us all afternoon!!!

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