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New Gator - Who Dis?

I love gators, they're surprisingly shy little buggers when I see them in the swamps down here. I don't feed them tho, and you're a damn dummy if you do. That teaches them to come to humans for food, which isn't ideal.

I just leveled up my Gator Game with a brand new color addition. I added 22k gold scales and eyes to the sexy matte black gator, for a Saintly contrast that is eye-catching.

And since today is National Alligator Day - ALL gators are 20% OFF! Only for the next 24 hours so...

Here are some fun facts about gators:

Gators have one of the strongest bites of any living animal, with large specimens having a bite force of 2960 pounds.

They have antibiotic blood, so even gators that lose a limb won't get an infection in the stinky swamp waters.

Louisiana has the most gators of any state, with one million on farms, and one million wild ones! We also have the only white alligators. Nah nahhh Florida.

Gators and dinosaurs evolved from a common ancestor earlier than the ancestor in common with dinos and all other reptiles, meaning dinos and gators are more closely related than dinos and other reptiles!

A North American ancestor of alligators is called Deinosuchus, had teeth the size of bananas, could grow 30-50 feet in length (!!!!!), and ate big dinos. Swipe to the end for a SICK National Geographic illustration.

Their stomach acid is a pH of less than 2, which is enough to dissolve bones and scales. But they also eat fruit!

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