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Follow me to Sewanee, Tennessee!

I am on my way to Sewanee, Tennessee right now for artsy-fartsy heaven on earth!! Almost every year since 2008, I have been on staff at a magnificent adult art camp nestled in the Appalachia called Shakerag Workshops. This year, I'm taking a class on rug hooking with Laura Salamy of High on Hooking, and I'm really excited to learn a brand new skill! Also very much looking forward to swimming in the pristine res, hiking around the woods, eating AMAZING local foods, making art way into the night, and being around extremely delightful people that I miss year-round! Stay tuned to my stories to see my rug hooking progress over the next week. See y'all on the flipside. ✌️

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 25, 2022

Loved seeing you in Sewanee and LOVE the Ficus goods that I got from your pop-up shop! Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!

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