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Ceramics Conference Art!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I just got back from a week in Cincinnati, where I'm originally from, for the annual National Council on the Education in Ceramic Arts - NCECA! It's in a different city every year, and I haven't been since undergrad, like 15 years ago! I really enjoyed seeing the featured amazing Cincinnati and Ohio artists on display that I hadn't seen before. There was an expo hall, full of different tools and supplies manufacturers, and I got some fun chemicals to mess around with! One will improve the intensity of my yellow glazes, which is an issue I've been trying to solve for a long time, and the others are Rare Earth Oxides to use as colorants in glazes. They are relatively pastel colors, but they change to totally different colors in different types of light! A very fun stoner thing to play around with!

Here are some cool pieces of ceramic art that I encountered, mostly in very zoomed shots because it's hard to get a good picture in a gallery, and the textures and colors and everything in between is the best part of ceramics!

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