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A fascination with squishy things made hard, also known as METAMORPHOSIS

Updated: Mar 6

One of my biggest motivations in making my art is the transformation of soft, squishy, fuzzy, or delicate organic things turned into cold, harder-than-a-rock, pure white porcelain. What a contradiction! It's kind of hilarious to me, but also really poetic and contemplative.

I'm really drawn to art that challenges perceptions of reality - some of my faves are #JamesTurrell #MarcelDuchamp #AiWeiwei #ReneMagritte. Art can embrace the contradictions of life with curiosity and sense of humor. The preposterousness of puffing ouid from a porcelain facsimile of a real piece of fried chicken (that just happens to really resemble the shape of a traditional pipe) makes me feel a little ownership over the craziness of life, or maybe that I'm making a joke back at the universe.