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strawberry joint holder

strawberry joint holder


Revolutionize your joint game.  No more awkward passing or burnt fingertips - introducing joint holders!  Featuring a tapering hole that passes entirely through, so you can wedge in a joint or blunt of any size, and hold something ceramic instead of slightly slimey paper.   You can even put it down on the table, and the burning end is safely held up in the air!  

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  • U S E

    Not for use with illegal substances. Intended for use with natural herbs or tobacco only.  Must be 21+ to purchase. It is your sole responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories.  Read our full disclaimer.

  • C A R E

    Made from porcelain: a highly dense, impervious, heat proof material.  Simply clean with rubbing alcohol.  Porcelain is durable, but still handle with care.  Read our cleaning instructions here.

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