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Sexxxy Gator and Other Strange Creatures

Mardi Gras happened!! More than a week ago actually... So here's some great images and videos from the Fattest Tuesday of the year.

The first gallery is my sexxxy gator costume - every single part of it was handmade by me! The head is papier-mache built over a welding visor rig, and the teeth are real porcelain. The neckpiece is made with more porcelain teeth, and leather. I sewed the beige body suit to reference the tender underbelly of gators, and the green fishnet tights were sewn, then painted with acrylic to make em more interesting. Fringy arm fishnets really increase the joy of dancing, as did my big, stuffed vinyl tail with sewn gator skin-like tucks. I even have gator paws on my feet!! This was my best sexy-gross local animal costume yet! So fun to dance in, and I loved incorporating porcelain as teeth, though my forehead and neck was sure tired...