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New Year, new ideas

The last 3+ months of 2021 were spent in high gear production mode, for the holiday season. I do love the mindless efficiency of production mode, but so much for so long gets exhausting and boring. Now that it's the new year, I can adjust my priorities for more creative work - research and development!

After the christmas sales rush was over, I drove with Marcel up to the Motherland (Cincinnati) for some R&R. I had a chance to go to one of my favorite grocery stores in the world - Jungle Jim's, in Fairfield Ohio. It is a wonderland. A variety of cheesy animatronic animals play in bands around the store, there's an amazing international cheese section, insane local and imported beer and wine selection, a humidor full of cigars, gross tanks of live fish and lobsters, a fascinating variety of meat and seafood, a huge fresh international vegetable section, and at least an aisle for every major ethnic food type in the world. Seriously. And so much more, I can't even go into it, those are just my favorite parts. So I went to Jungle Jim's on one of my last days, smoked a joint in the car, and let the inspiration of international food begin my year.

Here are some ideas that I'd like to work on in February and March:

Baby bok choy Chinese soup spoons. I really really enjoy eating off of these. I also really love the exaggerated vein texture of bok choy.