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Women's History Month Spotlight: Maria Dondero

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As part of Women's History Month, I'm sharing some of my personal inspirations, both old-world and modern. My second #womenshistorymonth feature is on expressive potter Maria Dondero in Athens, Georgia, who inspired me as a successful female ceramic artist role model during my undergrad years. While I was an undergrad, Maria was a masters student, and her work has steadily evolved. It is both successful and true to her, and she has launched her own ceramics studio and community, @southernstarstudioathens. She deserves a shout out for her welcoming attitude and her amazing work! While her pottery is inspired by northern Georgia's rich tradition of pottery and the surrounding mountains, the decoration of her pots reflects her travels abroad. My cabinets are filled with her plates and mugs, and if you enjoy handmade pottery, check out her store!

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