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Hi! I'm Kate!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Hi! I'm Kate, and I'm the maker behind the art! I've never really introduced myself, so my 35th birthday seems like a good enough time do it! Please enjoy this relaxing video of me picking figs, and know that I'm in my happy place here. More below...

I'm a New Orleanian by choice (not birth, nor marriage), and I'm very inspired by living here. I'm originally from Ohio, and I just love the rampant creativity and independent thinking here. I also love seeing all kinds of tropical plants outside here - we are the "northern most Caribbean city.' So much of life focuses on food here, it's always on my mind. There's also a pretty sustainable market for local art here, especially with all the tourists, and so I've been blessed over the last 3 years to be able to focus full time on Ficus Ceramica, and make a living income from it. Even when I got my BFA in ceramics from UGA, I honestly never thought I'd create a self-sustaining (most of the time) small business with a creative product.

Despite being stressed out by business stuff and all that, I'm so damn happy. I walk 6 blocks with my cute/asshole dog, from my 200 year old adorable house, to my spacious studio all to myself. I make what interests me, when I want to. I am constantly challenged by learning new and unexpected skills as a business owner, and feel so good when I figure them out. I get to make a living from creating weird little art objects that people use in a really intimate way, and apparently love! I'm #livingthedream

So thank you for buying my art and making my enchanted little life possible!! Make my birthday awesome by buying something from meeee :)

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