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Part One: searching for the perfect specimens

Here's the first part of my process: picking out the ideal objects for molding. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for extra large things because everything shrinks about 20% in the kiln, and I want it to appear normally sized. I'm also on the lookout for interesting textures that will translate well to clay, and shapes that either feel great in your hand or are perfect for a function. Besides these functional concerns, I have in the back of my mind the cultural value meaning of the food (pineapples, oysters), the potential double entendres I can make with it (papaya + eggplant), or maybe its significance to cannabis culture (apple pipes or fried chicken munchies). This searching step is an important one to my creative process - this is my why, the place where I make the major decisions about how my art will function and what it will try to mean.

Here's the video from instagram! What part of my process are you most curious about?

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