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Mardi Gras 2023!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It's early February and we're getting into Deep Mardi Gras season! Last weekend, we had three nights of French Quarter/Marigny parades that turned the neighborhood into a wonderland of strange creature costumes, bawdy homemade floats, and dance parties in the street! The best was Krewe de Vieux (from the French Quarter), which is all handmade, hand-pulled floats that are X-rated jokes about local politics. I live less than a block from one of the main streets for parades on this side of town, so I enjoyed hosting friends and having a nice place to chill.


This coming weekend, the big Uptown parades start rolling. I'll be riding in King Arthur on Sunday Feb 12, again for the second year! I will be on Float 38, top deck, sidewalk side, third from the front!! Our float is themed Cruella DeVille, so we dress as either Dalmatians or Cruella herself. Riding in a parade feels like such an honor to participate in. I love being part of the production of Mardi Gras, and King Arthur is a great Krewe to be part of - it was started decades ago as a place for nerdy D&D gay guys, and has grown into one of the biggest and maybe most inclusive of the Super Krewes. The one part I don't like about riding is being a source of the massive amount of chinese plastic beads that end up on the ground, in the sewers and drainage system, or generally polluting our already teetering environment. So this year, I only bought glass beads, still cheap and imported, but at least they aren't plastic, and when they break, it's just tiny beads. I love the glass beads! They're more subtle, but pretty and way more traditional and authentic. Come find me with a sign and I'll throw you a handful!!

And finally in Mardi Gras News, I am working on a Sexy Gator Queen costume for Fat Tuesdsay. Here's some photos of my tail in progress. Check into my instagram stories to see more costuming pics!

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