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Come to the Mardi Gras with me!

One of the most well-known celebrations in all of America is only a week away, which for many of us in New Orleans means tons of glitter, king cakes, booze, and extravagant parties. Each year, Carnival season starts on the Catholic holiday of Twelfth Night (February 6) and lasts until the day before Lent starts. The idea of Carnival is to get out all your sinning and wildness before giving it up for Lent and Easter. Mardi Gras has been practiced here in the U.S. for over 300 years, since the French settled Louisiana, and the global holiday dates back even further in Brazil, France, and other seriously Catholic countries.

The whole season lasts for weeks, but the biggest day of celebration, Fat Tuesday, can fall anywhere between February 6 and March 9. This year’s is March 1, and you better believe I’ll be out and about! I live only a block from one of the best party corners in the Marigny and the French Quarter, so I have the luxury of my own bathroom all day ;) Other notable days include Lundi Gras, which takes place the day before Fat Tuesday and is full of pre-gaming galore.

The various celebrations are organized by krewes and social & pleasure clubs—some are secret societies and some are community organizations—that put together balls and parades. You’ll find these parades full of masked float-goers handing out throws, like me last weekend! Popular throws include cheap plastic trinkets like beads, toys, and “geaux (go) cups”, and metal doubloon coins, but once in a while you’ll find a signature, handcrafted throw put together by a member of a particular krewe. Check out my reels on instagram to see my signature Ficus Ceramica grails that I threw on Sunday!

Luckily for all of y’all out there who can’t get over here to get down with us, all online purchases will come with an awesome weed bead throw that will bring the Bon Temps to you! Head on over to the shop to pick out the perfect paraphernalia to enjoy your at-home Mardi Gras.

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