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420 Studio Party & Seconds Sale

I know it's such a busy holiday, but I hope you still have 420 open! I'm hosting a little open studio shindig from 4-8 PM, and I'd be honored if you come to say hi[gh]! I'll have snacks and some bevvies on hand for munching, including Crescent Canna’s THC Gummies. Our friends at CC have dropped off some Delta-9 THC Edibles and Full-Spectrum CBD Drops (hello mocktails!) for us to enjoy! Crescent Canna’s mission is to provide innovative cannabis products at affordable prices, while maintaining the highest quality standards for ingredients and production. Bonus points: they're totally legal!

PLUS You'll get a chance to search through my seconds stash - discounted pipes that are flawed in some way, but still functional. And I'll have my slipcasting process set out so you can see how I make my masterpieces!

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